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How to add a Click to Tweet with Picture to your Content

By Nick Churick

Now that you know how to create easy to tweet quotes and found out all setting and customization options with TweetDis, I will show you how to add a click to tweet with picture to your page or blog post.

Why do you need click to tweets with pictures (tweetable images) in your content?

According to the data, published by Twitter Blog, tweets with photos get 313% more engagement. And there’s no surprise, as social media today is becoming more and more visual.

Besides, a tweetable image is another way to share your content. Your image will be sent to Twitter feed, but the tweet will have a link to your page. By picking the best visuals you can make more people click through your links and thus more potential clients will visit your pages.
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22 Ready-to-Tweet Quotes to Motivate you in your Business

By Nick Churick
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I would like to share with you some ready-to-tweet quotes from the most successful people to motivate your progress in your business.

If you still have not started your own biz, but strongly wish to, may these words be the final plummet on the scales of your choice.

Lack of motivation and enthusiasm are two of the main reasons for failure and of living a mediocre life

Have you ever experienced the feeling, when you need something more to go on and move on?

All of us had one day. Not even once. And the only thing that matters at such days is your ability to overcome it. It’s like a sudden wall you face on your way to success.

At this point, it is vitally important to climb or break through this wall. And suddenly it feels so naturally easy to keep on going.

A lack of motivation usually results from

  • Lack of faith in one’s abilities
  • Laziness
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of what others might say
  • The habit of procrastination
  • The feeling or belief that there are other more important things to do
  • Being too stressed or nervous

I’m sure one of the following quotes will help you break one or some of the “walls” on your way to success!

And don’t forget to share one two of these ready to tweet quotes with for friends on Twitter just by clicking the quote box. Watch out. You may enjoy the process 😉
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How to Create a Tweetable Link and a Tweetable Quote

By Nick Churick

What’s so good about tweetable links and tweetable quotes?

The answer is simple: They bring you more traffic from Twitter.

If you have a sentence, quote or a sound bite that you think people would love to share, you must make sharing super easy for them.

People are usually lazy, and after they’ve read your awesome post they will not take the time to open up Twitter and paste in the quote to share it. And sure thing, nobody will bother to add your handle and a link to your blog post before tweeting.

I’m sure you have noticed a lot of blogs, using tweetable links and quotes, embedded in their content. By clicking these links you can instantly tweet specific quotes and sound bites alone from the whole post.

Every tweet like this has a link to the post itself, which naturally brings you more traffic from Twitter.

I’m going to show you how to create a tweetable link and a tweetable quote inside your content.

There are several ways; it’s up to you to choose what is best for you.

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TweetDis Click to Tweet Plugin – Overview

By Nick Churick

I assume you already know what “click to tweet” or “tweetable” quotes are, and how you can benefit from them. If not, read this immediately! How To Create “Tweetable Quotes” In Your Articles.

With our plugin you can follow the outstanding tactics to bring in more traffic from Twitter: Dont Share your Content. Get it Shared Instead!

So down below you will see the Power of TweetDis!

Let’s get started!

1. Hint

Hint is the highlighted text in your content, which can be tweeted by your readers alone from all the other content. Pretty much the standard feature, a MUST for click to tweet WordPress plugin. I will show you how looks like inside the text. Check out the paragraph below:

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