How to Drive More Traffic from Twitter with Tweetable Quotes

By Nick Churick

The problem of every blogger or site owner today is that the average Internet user is:

  • Lazy
  • Does not have time

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You are working for hours or even days, struggling to create a masterpiece blog post and nobody reads it. No comments, no social media shares. That sucks!

When someone is cast ashore your blog post from the deep sea of thousands of similar posts, he expects to finally find what he is looking for. He has already scanned tons of content and did not find what he needs. And he gives your content a small chance.

He quickly skims through your post, his demanding eye slips down to the very bottom without being stopped and your visitor closes the tab with your page in 3-5 seconds.

Remember, your content must have something catchy inside!

Tweet This link (aka click to tweet link) in combination with a block quote is probably the easiest and the most elegant way to magnet your visitor’s attention. Plus it is the ultimate tool to drive more traffic from Twitter to your Blog or Website.

Text breakers

Solid text, even perfectly formatted and structured, is still a very hard thing to consume It is fine for books and scientific papers, but not for web.

That is why you strongly need text breakers. Text breakers are small pieces of your content that stand alone from the plain text and make your visitors “stop” while scanning.

Tweet This link 2

The image above show the classic text breakers, used in many books. But these are not applicable for web content.

The perfect text breakers for web page and blog posts are:

  • Lists
  • Images
  • Block quotes

Text breakers naturally appeal to human curiosity. When your reader trips on a text breaker in your post, what he thinks of is:

“That’s something different. I wonder what’s in it?”

Block quote is a perfect place to put some important information, allowing your visitor to understand the practical importance of your content

Tweetable quotes

Remember what I wrote at the very beginning? Lazy!

If there is some text in your post, that is worth being put on Twitter nobody will bother copying text and pasting it in Twitter. And, believe me, no one will bother putting a link to your page into the tweet.

A huge win is to make your block quotes instantly tweetable. You can kill two birds with one stone if you add a tweetable link to your quote or sound bite.

With Tweet This links embedded in your content you will make any part of your text a perfect text breaker and make it easily shareable on Twitter. The key word here is “easily”.

Quote + Tweet This Link = Tweetable Quote

All you visitor has to do is just click the quote box or button. You can check how it works by clicking the quote box below

Now your readers and website visitors will be able to easily share your content in front of their Twitter audience. Every message on Twitter will have a link to your post and thus bring you traffic from Twitter with no efforts from your side.

Your cool sentence, a sound bite, a quote from the influencer in your niche – add a tweet this link to anything you think deserves to go on Twitter. There’s only one limit: the tweet length (including the link itself, so you might want to shorten it).

How to create a tweet this link

1. If you don’t use WordPress:

Read here and here. I have nothing more to add.

2. If you use WordPress:

You’re lucky if you have WordPress and want to add a tweet this link to your post. Just use TweetDis WordPress plugin.

Check out what you can do with our best tweet this plugin here. I promise, you will be fascinated!

Make any part of your text easily tweetable and add epic tweetable quotes with TweetDis.

No you see that using tweet this links is very easy, but very effective. You should definitely try it yourself and share your experience!

I am awaiting for your shares and comments. Don’t make me wait too long 😉

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  • I love being able to use tweet this within blog posts. These days most people don’t have extra time to find things to tweet and the easier you make it, the better it is. The only thing I found was the one I tweeted out did not have your Twitter username. I find it helpful to have those included. I like your tips about using lists and breaks too, makes it easier and quicker to read. Have a great day and new week.

    • Nick Churick

      Hey Lisa!

      Thank you for your words! I love getting comments.
      It’s the best for the author 🙂

      As you may’ve guessed, I use TweetDis for creating tweetable quotes. And my Twitter Handle may be included or excluded from the tweet in plugin options. I was testing some new features today, you must have hit this very time 🙂

      You can try sharing one of the quotes now.

  • Anderson Mark

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    Thank you.