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Purchase, Installation and Activation

Where can I find my license number to activate the plugin?

How can I install the plugin from ZIP file?

How Can I Restore my Lost License Number?

I had purchased your product, but did not receive my order number.

I use TweetDis on one website, but cannot activate it on another one.

When I try to reinstall the plugin I get the error “Destination folder already exists”.


When using one of the ‘Authority templates’, it shows the default author image in the box.

How can I customize the “Hint” design? Integration

How do you track the number of clicks on the quote?

I am having problems connecting It says it can’t login to verify.

Product  Requirements

Can I use your product on content management systems other than WordPress?

Can I use your plugin at hosted blog?

Other Questions

How does a tweetable image work? Will the image be actually visible on Twitter?

Is there a way to adjust the text in the tweet so it does not exactly follow text in a click to tweet box?

Why can’t I find you in the WordPress plugins directory?

Do you offer a free trial?

If I purchased the single site license, can I upgrade to multi site or developer’s license later?

Affiliate Questions

I want to sell TweetDis plugin with you. What should my affiliate link look like?

If someone clicks my affiliate link, but purchases TweetDis directly through your website, will I still get my 50%?


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