When Using One of the ‘Authority Templates’, It Shows the Default Author Image in the Box

By Nick Churick

There are two ways you can add author image to authority click to tweet boxes.

1. Add author image when adding click to tweet quote box with one of the Authority Templates.

Select the text you want to use as a quote in WordPress visual editor and click TweetDis icon.

Authority Templates 4Select one of the Authority Templates from Design menu.

Fill in the author name (if you leave this field is left blank, default author name will be used).

Click Show media library to set the author’s image for this tweetable quote.

Authority Templates 5

Click OK and your click to tweet quote box with author’s image is ready to get shared.

2. Set a default author image for all new tweetable boxes, created with Authority Templates.

This comes in handy when all of you quotes belong to one author. You can set the image once and save it as a default image for authority templates.

Go to TweetDis plugin settings, “Box” tab.

 Authority Templates 1Select one of the Authority Templates 1 to 4 from Design Template.

Click Change author’s picture to select the image from your WordPress media library or enter a link to this image. After you click Save All Changes button, you will see the changes in Preview area.

Authority Templates 2 Now every time you add a click to tweet quote with Authority Template, this image will be used by default (if you leave Picture URL field blank):

Authority Templates 3

The same principle applies for the Author Name.

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