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If Someone Clicks My Affiliate Link, but Purchases TweetDis Directly Through Your Website, Will I Still Get My 50%?

By Nick Churick

Our affiliate system is provided by ClickBank. This platform uses Hop Links for affiliates, which support cookies with a period of 60 days.

So the User does not have to buy the product in his first visit, when sent by you. If he goes directly to within 60 days after and makes a purchase, you will still get your 50% commission.

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I Want to Sell TweetDis Plugin with You. What Should My Affiliate Link Look Like?

By Nick Churick

We sell TweetDis via ClickBank platform. If you want to become our affiliate, you must have an account at

Your affiliate link will be
Where XXX is your Account Nickname (username).

Now whenever someone will click your affiliate link and purchase TweetDis plugin, your ClickBank account will be automatically credited 50% from its price.

You can find more information here.

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Is There a Way to Adjust the Text in the Tweet so It Does Not Exactly Follow Text in a Click to Tweet Box?

By Nick Churick

Tweet text is generated automatically, depending on your settings for every click to tweet link or quote box that you create. You can change the URL to tweet or add any hidden text to the quote text, for example to add hashtags.

However you can use a custom tweet text, which does not have to follow the text inside a click to tweet box. This feature is extremely helpful, when the quote text is too long and you want to make it shorter for a tweet.

custom tweet text

You can check how it works, if you click-to tweet the quote box below


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How Does a Tweetable Image Work?

By Nick Churick

Tweetable images, created with TweetDis plugin, can be easily shared on Twitter.

When some one clicks your image to tweet it, a tweet will be generated, which includes both the link to your content page and the image link. The image link will be recognized by Twitter and displayed as image in tweet feed.

You can give it a try:

You can also add any text to image tweet, using hidden text feature.

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I Am Having Problems Connecting Bitly. It Says It Can’t Login to Verify

By Nick Churick shortener come is extremely  handy, because it can track performance of your shortened links.

To use it as default link shortener in TweetDis plugin, you must be registered at

Please note that you have to be registered, using your email address (username), not with Facebook or Twitter account.

To set as TweetDis default shortener for your click to tweet quotes go to the plugin’s settings, Tweet tab.

Default Shortener 1

Switch Default URL shortener to Fill in your login and password for this service and click Login button.

Upon successful connection you will see a message with your account in use:

Default Shortener 3

Click Save All Changes button and all the links for your tweetable quotes will be automatically shortened.


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