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Is There a Way to Adjust the Text in the Tweet so It Does Not Exactly Follow Text in a Click to Tweet Box?

By Nick Churick

Tweet text is generated automatically, depending on your settings for every click to tweet link or quote box that you create. You can change the URL to tweet or add any hidden text to the quote text, for example to add hashtags.

However you can use a custom tweet text, which does not have to follow the text inside a click to tweet box. This feature is extremely helpful, when the quote text is too long and you want to make it shorter for a tweet.

custom tweet text

You can check how it works, if you click-to tweet the quote box below


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22 Inspirational Business Quotes (All Tweetable)

By Nick Churick

imposible motivation

Today I offer you another 22 inspirational quotes to cheer you up and motivate you in your business.

Take a small break and charge up your motivation with these great quotes.

And don’t forget to share them with your friends on Twitter. It is really easy and fun: just click any quote box or picture to tweet it.

Want some more? Click here…

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22 Click to Tweet Quotes to Boost your Creativity

By Nick Churick


Creativity is a tricky thing. Just an hour ago you were bursting with awesome ideas and doing your work was easy and pleasant. And suddenly your mind gets blank. Instead of being surrounded by numerous cool ideas you find yourself in a lifeless desert, where every grain of sand is no different from the others. And there’s nothing to catch on.

Some lucky, genius people can be creative most of their time, the rest of us have to wage a cruel war against a lack of inspiration quite often.

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Best Click to Tweet Plugins for WordPress in 2016 – Review

By Nick Churick

The click to tweet concept is widely used on numerous websites and blogs all over the web. The best teams and individuals, who are no strangers to content and social media marketing, embed tweetable quotes in the bodies of their posts.

Just check out these recent posts:

They all have tweetable quotes!

I found these off the top. There are thousands other websites, that use click to tweet strategy.

How can this post help you?

In this post I will introduce you the most popular click to tweet WordPress plugins, which make creation of tweetable quotes easy, fun and effective.

It will be up to you what tool to choose for your own click to tweets.
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