I Am Having Problems Connecting Bitly. It Says It Can’t Login to Verify

By Nick Churick

Bit.ly shortener come is extremely  handy, because it can track performance of your shortened links.

To use it as default link shortener in TweetDis plugin, you must be registered at Bitly.com.

Please note that you have to be registered, using your email address (username), not with Facebook or Twitter account.

To set Bit.ly as TweetDis default shortener for your click to tweet quotes go to the plugin’s settings, Tweet tab.

Default Shortener 1

Switch Default URL shortener to Bit.ly. Fill in your login and password for this service and click Login button.

Upon successful connection you will see a message with your account in use:

Default Shortener 3

Click Save All Changes button and all the links for your tweetable quotes will be automatically shortened.


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