How Can I Install the Plugin from ZIP File?

By Nick Churick

Note: do not unzip the downloaded .zip file.

TweetDis Installation to WordPress

Go to your WordPress Admin panel and enter the Plugins Menu.

Tweetdis installation 3

Click “Add New” button to add a new plugin.

Tweetdis installation 4

Upload the plugin from your computer:

Click “Upload Plugin” button.

Tweetdis installation 5

You will be prompted to select a plugin file in .zip format from your computer.

Tweetdis installation 6

Click “Browse” button, select the plugin file and click “Install Now“.

Tweetdis installation 7

Note: It can take some time to upload the file.

After you are notified about successful installation, click “Activate Plugin“.

License activation

After activating the plugin, Tweet Dis menu will be added to your WordPress dashboard. Click it.

Enter you license number in the license field and click “Activate” button.

Tweetdis installation 9

That’s it!

Tweetdis installation 10

Now you are ready to start creating awesome tweetable quotes with our best click to tweet plugin. Pump out a hell lot of traffic from Twitter!

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